Kris Adams (Born December 6, 1996) is an Animator that founded the Kris Adams Studios, he was born in December 6, 1996. Kris is a good friend, and He draw AWESOME!!


Year Title Co-Production Role

2010-2011, 2014-Present

The Kris And Vic Show Kris And Vic Productions (2014) Creator
2011 Kris And Vic Present Creator
2013-Present Albert The Naked Guy Creator
2013 Making A Snowman, With Drag The Dodo Creator
2014 Valentine's Day, With Drag The Dodo Creator
2014 Kris Adams: Facebook Lookback Facebook Developer
2014 Easter Time With Kris And Vic Kris And Vic Productions-Rankin/Bass Creator
2014 Drag The Dodo: Rain Creator


Year Title
2014 I Am Now Singing This Song
2014 At The Fair
2014 Sorting And Rhyming
2014 My Best Friend
2014 My Own Square Pieces Of A Heart

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